Shortcut fightnews, Alise Telimi at Hemmers gym, Breda, Febr. 7, 2020 հայերենով interview with (former 2 X welterweight champion) HARUT GRIGORIAN + his coach/trainer Nick Hemmers: Hayer jan, duxov, Hayastan@

HARUT GRIGORIAN granted to fight at MULTI FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in Yerevan, Armenia. Date & opponent will be released after Harut's fight vs Jamie Bates at GLORY 75. Harut talks about his participation at the Multi fight club in Yerevan, Armenia where he & Marat will give training and guidance to the local fighters, Gago Drago is there now and started an one month training classes. Harut explains the system of the Multi fight club, a multi complex with fitness, large pool, dojo, ring/cage etc. and tells the upcoming fighters to keep on training and to keep their hopes up. Pro fighters will have a regular salary so all they have to fuocus on is training.