Shortcut fightnews at Hemmers gym, Breda, Febr. 7, 2020 with GLORY KICKBOXING matchmaker & Head of Talent Operations COR HEMMERS about son NICK HEMMERS.

Ive tried to drill Cor about the date of part III, Jamal Ben Saddik vs Rico Verhoeven but unfortunately he couldnt comment ont that, yet! Stay tuned, keep your eye on the official Glory website.

Cor took over the classes of Nick for 2 weeks.

When Cor joined GLORY kickboxing 9 years ago, his son Nick took over HEMMERS gym in Breda and Cor is glad that Nick took over the legacy. Cor is proud of Nick for creating his own (multiple) champions, Marat & Harut Grigorian, Diniz, Saddik & Machado, Jady Menezes from the Hemmers gym in Brasil.

Hemmers gym excists 35 years and stil going strong! visit