Shortcut fightnews , Alise Telimi with Mike Passenier at Mike's gym on Jan. 09, 2020 in Oostzaan, NL

SERGINIO KANTERS & CHICO KWASI are in the race (boxing) for The Olympic games 2020. After this interview Badr Hari got approached to box at The Olympic games,

Mike talked about his topfighters, GLORY featerweight division: former champ Serhiy Adamchuk vs Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao for the Glory feather title at GLORY 75. GLORY lightweight division: Massaro Glunder and Stoyan Koprivlensi. Explains Chris Baya's absence from the ranking list.

GLORY welterweight division: former champ Murthel Groenhart who is now interim champ and waiting to face Cedric Doumbed for the title fight. Rematch, 1-1

GLORY middleweight division: Yoursi Belgaroui vs Jakob Styben at GLORY 75. Mike talks about Alex Pereira and Yousri's preparation to face Pereira for th 3rd time. 2-0

GLORY lightheavy weight division: Donegi Abena who lost to Pereira and an update .

GLORY heavyweight division: Antonio Plazibat who is upcoming in the division and nominated fro Glory newcomer of the year. Badr Hari who came in on # 3 and who's next for him.

Jordan Pikeur, K-1 Krush champion 5 times and counting. Waiting on his K-1 GP fight vs Juta Kubo who was injured a few times he had to face Pikeur. Rumous about Pikeur moving to GLORY is true, but for now he's busy at K-1 and has some fights and a -70 kg tournament coming up and will add other weights as well.

Former K-1 Krush champion and K-1 GP fighter Mellony Geugjes and why she hasnt moved to the GLORY super bantamweight division yet.

WFL champ champ and KUNLUN Mu Lang champion Anissa Haddoui might participate on popular tv show 'BOXING INFLUENCERS III, the gold edition' and about the idea of her to move to GLORY if they woud add another women division, Mike's advice to add an 62 kg division where Anissa would do very well.

Fabio Kwasi has an 8 man tournament at OSS fighters in Romania. Mike gives us his prediction and discuss some other participants like the return of Ismael Lazaar.

Fabio's younger brother Chico Kwasi will participate on Dutch championship boxing match in Rotterdam and in the race for the boxing Olympic games as well as his team mate Gino Kanters. And Cedric Manhoef who's back in training at Mike's gym. Mike's tells us why we havent seen Mike's gym at ONE FC or BELLATOR yet.