BERT KOPS: 'MOUSASI's too young to retire, it ain't over yet!' 2019

Shortcut FightNews, Alise Telimi at KOPS GYM Amsterdam, NL Aug. 20, 2019 with BERT KOPS, interview in English!

BERT KOPS: 'MOUSASI is too young to retire, it ain't over yet!'

Mousasi, 34, is ready for his rematch with Machida is aiming for a K.O. in the 2nd round, and he has been training for Machida's different fightstyle, He has been training hard for this fight, and will show that he's still the best,

Mousasi who has 2 more fights left at BELLATOR MMA, wants to retire there after he beats Machida and main goal to his belt back from Lovato, but according to Bert, Mousasi is not finished yet, and all options are open after he finish his Bellator contract, maybe a better BELLATOR contract, maybe UFC or ONE FC,

a co-interview with Elias Stefan from GNP1, Ground & pound Germany!