ENFUSION hw champ LEVI RIGTERS knows LAZAAR is coming for the belt!

2 times ENFUSION hw champion LEVI RIGTERS (Fighting Team Jamal at KOPS GYM) knows that former hw champ ISMAEL LAZAAR is coming for the belt and has a message for him@
INTERVIEW + TRAINING FOOTAGE Levi about his past fights and his upcoming fights, Oct. 5 in Dordrecht, NL, Fightexplosion presents Enfusion vs (a postponed fight) the strong DEXTER SUISSE (replacing Sam Tevette) and the ENFUSION 4 man tournament in Abu Dhabi on Dec.6, with PACAS, STOFORIDIS & OPAPIC and Levi's predictions about these bouts,
his brother, the upcoming Thomas Bridgewater, who is also fighting at ENFUSION Fightexplosion on Oct. 5 vs Fred Sikking and at Glorious Heroes in Nov. training with Gegard Mousasi and Bert Kops at Kops gym in Amsterdam. Will stay on heavyweight. for the moment Enfusion keeps him busy and he's satisfied and not considering changing promotions for the moment.
Shortcut FightNews, Alise Telimi at Kops Gym, Amsterdam, Aug. 20, 2019