3. jun, 2019

DAVIT KIRIA next fight: 'KUNLUN FIGHT one night tournament' - Interview PART 4

DAVIT KIRIA next fight: 'KUNLUN FIGHT one night tournament' in Sept. (yet to be confirmed@) - Interview PART 4

**Can you please tell us about team Davit Kiria, where does the team train and how many ring fighters do u have?

DK: Team Davit Kiria is only in Georgia for now but in the future we will get bigger, we have more then 10 A class fighter and it’s good for now. My fighters fight at Enfusion, Kunlun, Tatneft & ACA (Akhmat/ACB)

**you were in China with your team at Kunlun and do you corner as well as coaching and training?

DK: Iago Gedenidze fought at Kunlun on the 16th of May.

Unfortunately for some reasons I cant go anymore but my coach Bachuki is there now, its important that we take him to Kunlun and now will see what will happend.

I don’t really do coaching because I train a lot myself and am busy for my self but ofcourse when they need help I’m always there for my team.

**Do you have any news for us, your next fight?

DK: Probably I will fight in September at Kunlun tournaments again for the belt, it will be the biggest tournament, an one night Kunlun championship.

**keep us posted, we keep following u, and succes with your career and Kolkheti Kickboxing events@

DK: Thank you very much and thank you for supporting us 🙏🙏


Best Regards

Davit Kiria

Interview by Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi