2. jun, 2019


DAVIT KIRIA & coach BACHUKI - KOLKHETI fighters grow to big organisations like TATNEFT & KUNLUN, PART 3

**You do this with ur coach Bachuki? Is Bachuki your coach and corner as well?

when is the next Kolkheti event? and what is your goal with these events?

How is the fightscene developing in Georgia? how many events, kickbox?

DK: Bachuki is my coach from when i was 9 years old. We do everything, we are one family, we win together we loose together.

DK: As I said our goal is to give a chance to the fighters from our region and occupy the new generation with our sport.

DK: To make a event in Georgia is not easy to manage here. Its difficult to find sponsors and full staff :)) but we do it with all our energy, we love the business we are doing.

DK: In Georgia fight sport is getting popular we have a view good fighters in mma and it makes more popular as in kickboxing, now we have 3 UFC fighters from Georgia and that’s good for population.

**How can we help each other to grow in these regions? Georgia and Armenia?

DK: We need to stand together promote together and to show as much as possible the to audience your support from social media mean a lot for kolkheti cup and than you for it.

DK: We are searching sponsors every day and night we bring our product to the business sector. The live stream is a good way to get the sponsors.

DK: So standing together, enthusiastic helps a lot.

**congrats on GIORGI KHUPENIA who def. ROMAN KALASHYAN from Ararat Fight Club (Armenia) on tko, it was a rematch.

DK: Thank you

***Congrats with OTAR GOGBERASHVILI who won on a massive k.o. a combo of knees. and is now Kolkheti champion, he def. Gevorg Grigoryan from Ararat Fight club, Armenia.

DK: Thank you, Armenia has a good team and good potential they are one of my team's biggest competition and I will put as much energy that i put in for my fighters for the Armenian fighters as well. I will bring them to the bigger organisations.

**Tanx for inviting our Armenian fighters to Kolkheti Kickboxing events.

DK: They are always welcome.

DK: Respect to everybody we will get bigger together.

Interview by Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi