2. jun, 2019

DAVIT KIRIA at TEAM HOLZKEN, former trainer SEM SCHILT, his KOLKHETI events in Georgia, PART 2

DAVIT KIRIA about his former trainer SEMMY SCHILT, now at TEAM HOLZKEN, his KOLKHETI events in Georgia, INTERVIEW part 2

**You trained with K-1 legend Semmy Schilt, do you still tain with him, why did u leave him? Where do u train now and who is your head coach and corner?

DK: Yes I train with the legends :)) I trained more then 7 years with Semmy but after his retirement there were no more fighters left to spar with, another reason is that Dave and Semmy are not working together anymore.

DK: Now I train with Nieky Holzken in team Holzken and I feel good there my coach is Bachuki Partsvania and Sjef Webber. I fight under team Kiria / Team Holzken.

**about Kolkheti Kickboxing in ur home country Georgia, is this your event, are you the promotor?, What is the meaning of Kolkheti?

DK: this weekend, on May 2nd was you 10 th event, it was live broadcasted on Youtube with English speaking commentator. Who was the commentator?

DK: Kolkheti cup is mine and my coach Bachuki’s event, we are the promoters (Kolkheti is the name of the region where we come from, it’s an old name) 2th of May we had the biggest event so far, the Kolkheti cup, it was very successful and give us more motivation to develop kickboxing in our country and region.

DK: At Kolkheti cup we bring fighters from Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus & Kazakhstan. In the future we plan to bring fighters from Europe.

DK: We tested the live streams on YouTube and Facebook for the first time we had good results.

DK: The English commentator was my friend and my cornerman Dimitri Baramia :)) it was okay for the first time.

DK: We will get bigger and bigger, step by step and we will give the opportunities to the fighters to give them a chance in kickboxing. Kolkheti cup system is like this... champion of this organization is going to the bigger organization like Tatneft, Kunlun Fight and more ... that’s extra motivation for them and big chance.

**When did u start you first Kolkheti event and what made u wanna do this?

DK: We started about 3 years a go. We want to populate kickboxing in our region and give many of sportsmen a chance to show them- selves to the world and also one big reason to bring the young generation in the sport, healthy life style and not only in my country in our region.

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