2. jun, 2019

DAVIT KIRIA about Glory, Kunlun, One FC & Enfusion/K-1 and Marat Grigorian - INTERVIEW PART 1

2018 (64 men tournament) Kunlun and former Glory champion DAVIT KIRIA about Glory, Kunlun, One FC & Enfusion/K-1 and Marat Grigorian - INTERVIEW PART 1

**how are you?

Last year you became 2018 Kunlun Fight World Max Tournament Champion. (Marat Grigorian became Kunlun Fight World Max 2017 Tournament Champion) how does the Kunlun championship-system work?

DK: I’m well thnx, Kunlun has a new tournament with new title + belt each year, so i dont have to defend my 2018 Kunlun title belt.

**Each year a new champion like the old K-1 system?. So you would have to go into another tounament to become a champion for 2019?

DK: Yes right it’s like K-1, it starts with 64 fighters and ends with an 8 or 4 man tournament title fight.

**A chance you can face Marat Grigorian? You both have other big titles, you both have Glory & Kunlun title/belts, it would be interesting to see you face each other. Are you looking forward to fight him?

DK: Marat is a good fighter respect to him, it would be one more good challenge for me I like to fight top fighters, I know for sure the fans will enjoy this fight a lot. Im happy that Marat won the Glory title fight against Sithitchai, he deserves it.

**You have the biggest belts now, Glory and Kunlun, can we see u at K-1 or One Championship? Why did u leave Glory? can we see u back at Glory?

DK: Yes I won two big belts Glory and Kunlun, only me, Marat and Sittichai have these two belts and I feel happy with this, for me K-1 is still a big dream because it was my motivation in the old day's to fight in K-1 Max. I dreamed a lot about it but I couldn’t reach my goal because the K-1 got bankrupt.

DK: I prefer OneFC /One Championship too. These day's its all about good a good offer.

DK: My plan is to win one more belt (One FC, Enfusion, K-1 or Bellator) I also prefer Glory why not!

DK: The reason I left Glory was disagreement on the contract. I believe that I deserve more then I got offered that time and eventually I was right! But I still like Glory, where I made my name and I achieved my big dream. Good memories for me there.

Interview by Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi