2. jun, 2019

DANIEL GHITA: 'Colosseum Tournament, NEXT FIGHT, activisme & biggest sponsor Daniel j.r., PART 4

DANIEL GHITA: Colosseum Tournament, NEXT FIGHT, activisme & his biggest sponsor Daniel j.r., INTERVIEW PART 4

***You made your come back on October 2018 at Colosseum Tournament IX, defeated Dževad Poturak by technical knockout 1rst round. What made u decide to go back in the ring, what motivated u? i see u spend a lot of time with ur son, is he ur drive?

DG. I was sad to see the way some commercial sports people, who called their self champions of K1, tryed to destroy the Romanian kickbox. That’s why I signed with Colosseum. I choose for real kickboxing. Look at the young sports people in Colosseum. Amazing sports people. You saw the fight of Gafencu? Honestly, in the last tournament of Glory heavyweight, was the worse ever in the history of kickboxing. You saw this on K1 or Itshowtime ? Except for Jamal, the rest would have not passed qualification in K1! You imagine somebody of them fighting Semmy? Peter Aerts ? Remy ? Or having four fights in one night with top fighters? I am 38 years, Peters Aerts fought at Glory 13, at 43 years. I feel young and have two hands! :)))) if the “ number 1 in Glory “ was beaten with one hand, then you still think Ghita is too old?

***March 29, 2019 def.Petr Vondráček by 3 k.d.s in first round, on tko.

DG. Peter is a good fighter. He retired Ciprian Sora. Twice TKO. He was not affraid to fight me. All my respect!

***Colloseum Tournament, promotor Gabriel Georgescu, how did u meet and who makes ur matches?

DG. Gabriel Georgescu with his staff. I m just a fighter who supports the real sport. If I wouldn’t sign with them, some other started a plan to destroy Colosseum. At the moment they are in Romania the N1. They do not have money for the show, lights for the ring , champagne and caviar. They invest in sport and sports people. Best fight company in Romania at the moment. No show.
We hope to collaborate in future with FEA and KOK and other companies, and have great competitions, real ones. Not arranged and show. Here you come and fight! Real fights, we do not have time for cheap show and fake champions.

***next fight??? or opponent?

DG: are always so curious? :))) soon , a big surprise for all people. I m not aloud to announce.

***when will u come training in Holland will u train in The Hague with Anil Dubar and or other gyms?

DG: soon! You will read

***besides Colosseum tournament, wich other big events would u be interested in? did u ever consider mma, do u have grabling experience.?

DG: no.

***You do a lot for the envirement, are u an activist? what are ur main concerns in this world?

DG. Yes, I m. I m sad I could not stop deforestation in Romania, and many other things. My main concern is that people get ruled by money and show and loose all humanity. Everyone is an activists and caritable when the camera is on. The rest is cheap show for money. No values anymore. Money rules, now. People lost empathizes with other people.

***who is ur current sponsor?

DG. My son, my life, heart Dacian Daniel Ghita. I love this mini me, badly. He told me last week ,”where are you going “. I said “ to talk with a sponsor and sign a contract “. Now, he said to me: that he sells all toys and he will sponsor me, not to go anymore away from him. He is attached on me and cry’s every time I go away. I have a sponsor, you will see soon. You know it:)))

***the meaning of your tattoo on your left arm?

DG: Nihil sine deo, means nothing without God. I believe in God, i go to the church.

***any messages to ur fans,

DG. yes, thank you to all my fans for all support over the years. Without you all, we are nothing! You all are our drive. Let’s keep Kickbox real, not comercial with fake champions and fake fights.
and a shout out to crazy bird 007, Shortcut Fight news, lol

DG. You have to publish that’s too! I do not shut birds! Lol

Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi

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