2. jun, 2019

DANIEL GHITA: 'If JAMAL beat ADEGBUYI with 1 hand, then im not too old to come back! PART 3

DANIEL GHITA: 'If JAMAL can beat ADEGBUYI' with 1 hand, then im not too old to come back@ INTERVIEW PART 3

*2017 u returned to the ring at 2017 World Wushu Championships winning the bronze medal after semifinal's defeat on points to the 5-time world champion Hamid Reza Gholipour of Iran. can u tell us a bit more about this experience and what is Wushu and will u have to defend ur title there?

DG. I went there with Andrei Stoica (who lost) to represent our country România. I really loved it, It was difficult for us, its a total different sport, they pushed us out from this mat, game over!

**You wanted Rico Verhoeven for the Glory title fight before retiring, against Badr Hari in the same year 2019. Catalin, Adegbuyi? ur list is long, lol, have u or the organisation approached Badr or big Mike? and do u think u are ready for Badr or need some more time, Badr is in top shape now, Errol Zimmerman told me in a 2016 interview that he would like a rematch with u? Any chance the fans can see part 3, u defeated him already twice on K.O.

DG: I never retired! You think that Benny and Morosanu stand up to me , Badr Hari and Rico ? For Benny you need just one left hand, one broken 😂😂😂

Come on! I just cleaned up this gossip and cheap show on media in România. Tell me who you fought and I tell you your VALUE. Benny will have a box fight. You know who he is fighting ?I don’t! Nobody knows! Lol You find it serious ? Why you hide your opponent ? One week before the fight?
Anyway, you searched with who you fight Benny in box ? A no name, debutant from 2018, a beginner without ranking. Come on! You fight with profi or leave it , is a cheap show. I don’t like this fights with weak opponents to be “ big champions “! You could never sell this kind of show Holland. There people want to see real fights.

Afraid of Ghita’s analyzes ? :))) All get upset if you tell them the truth in the face. For years this duo was laughing about me, every time I lost a fight, they made fun of me and insulted me. Now, I show them their real face. They don’t like it. You are ashamed of your past ? Why? It is your past! This kind of show you can’t do in Holland. There people like real sport, not show.

Errol ? He was injured, I think ? Why not. Maybe soon a fight with Silva? Let’s wait and see!

***You made ur kickbox come back on October 2018 at Colosseum Tournament IX, defeated Dževad Poturak by technical knockout 1rst round. What made u decide to go back in the ring, what motivated u? i see u spend a lot of time with ur son, is he ur drive?

DG. I was sad to see the way some commercial sports people, who called their self champions of K1, tryed to destroy the Romanian kickbox. That’s why I signed with Colosseum. I choose for real kickboxing. Look at the young sports people in Colosseum. Amazing sports people. You saw the fight of Gafencu? Honestly, in the last tournament of Glory heavyweight, was the worse ever in the history of kickboxing. You saw this on K1 or Itshowtime ? Except for Jamal, the rest would have not passed qualification in K1! You imagine somebody of them fighting Semmy? Peter Aerts ? Remy ? Or having four fights in one night with top fighters? I am 38 years, Peters Aerts fought at Glory 13, at 43 years. I feel young and have two hands! :)))) if the “ number 1 in Glory “ was beaten with one hand, then you still think Ghita is too old?

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