2. jun, 2019

DANIEL GHITA: 'I NEVER RETIRED' Aerts, GLORY HW division & rankings, Saddik, Adegbuyi, Verhoeven.

DANIEL 'The Savage Samurai' GHITA: 'I NEVER RETIRED' about his legend PETER AERTS & about GLORY HW division SADDIK, ADEGBUYI, VERHOEVEN - INTERVIEW PART 2 - 2019

*2009, age 26, u broke Peter Aerts' record of fastest K-1 tournament k.o.'s (wgp not included) how did u feel as the underdog?

DG: I never felt an underdog at all. Peter Aerts is a legend. I saw the fight between Peter Aerts at 43 years vs Rico at Glory 13. It was an amazing fight. Peter was fantastic and in my opinion he won! What was funny, that Rico's wife Jacky wanted to hit my manager Loredana cause she supported Peter! She is a big fan of Peter Aerts. Mike Passenier saved my manager and separated Jacky from Loredana. Man, was that funny! I was not amused at all, but everyone was laughing about it. My manager had fun with Mike Passenier all the time. Mike is a great man and terribile funny!

**Altough u were expected to fight in the 2012 K-1 World Grand Prix, u were shockingly left out of the tournament.. why?? Do u feel robbed from a K-1 title shot?

DG. Yes, I was robbed all along! Hahahah In Chicago at Glory the same. The jury didnt count my lowkicks. They are jury dream box. I fought injured on my right leg. Anyway, this is normal in kickboxing.

Too much politics and drama, now. If you are honest and tell the truth, everone gets upset. Its all very commercial now. Everybody knows I like to tell it like it is.

***You became a Showtime champion, 2012 , after u entered Glory.

DG: ITS Showtime was high level!! Best times ever! You saw the last tournament of Glory, final Benny vs Jamal? This could never happend in K-1 and ITS Showtime! Fighters all over the word called me and were shocked about the level at heavyweights now. Yes, many people forget that. A Romanian fighter insulted Jamal. He said “ at Glory 4, he was a no name and a beginner who started kickboxing one year back”! How can you insult me and Jamal? Just that you could not prove anything.

I reacted! Jamal won against Rico at ITS Showtime 55 and was a NAME at Glory 4! He beat Remy Bonjasky and Errol Zimmerman. Not to forget how he won with one broken hand against Benny! Jamal is an amazing, real fighter, without fear! Jamal deserved to win the tournament!

****Glory 13, Tokyo, in 2013 where u beat Errol Zimmerman k.o., how did feel when u saw footage of Floyd Mayweather in the public looking very impressed with ur k.o.?

DG. Yes, I saw it! I needed to loose all muscles, because it slowed me down. Believe me, what we do in kickboxing is much harder then in boxing.

*****2014 LA. Glory 17 was ur last fight rematch vs Rico, and on Jan. 2016, u were dropped from the rankings due to his unofficial retirement. Why????

DG. I was dropped, but I never retired! Nobody understands how they calculate the points and rankings at Glory!? The champion should be nr. 1, the rest ist marketing, in my opinion. You have one gatekeeper to protect the champ. I really liked the K-1 piramids or Its Showtime tournaments! Not all qualified to get there.

interview by Shortcut Fight News / Alise Telimi