2. jun, 2019

DANIEL GHITA: 'K-1/Showtime/GLORY day's, training with Gordeau and Dubar' INTERVIEW PART 1

DANIEL 'The Savage Samurai' GHITA: 'Early K-1/SHOWTIME/ GLORY day's, INTERVIEW PART 1 - 2019, training with Gerard Gordeau and Anil Dubar.

*Hi Daniel Ghita, 'the savage samurai' you are one of my favorite heavy weights.

DG: I don’t believe you, hahhahaha

**lets start from the beginning, when did u start Muay Thai and kickboxing and do u practice other sports? what gym and who was ur trainer in the beginning?

DG. I started kickboxing with 14 years. I quit football for kickboxing. The rest you can find on Wikipedia. Sometimes I have to correct Wikipedia, because people ive never met add themself as my trainer. Anyway, with all I learned in România, I couldnt do much. I felt I had no power. I did not know to block or to make combinations. Till I met Anil Dubar. He said to me : if you want to become Nr 1 in the world you have to change all your techniques. Three years we started to learn new things and fight at the same time! Was hard work. Five -six hours a day training and needed to change all my wrong styles. Was really hard, but we did it! My first trainer, who trained me for 14 years, Dumitru Gheorghiu passed away in 2013. His wife didnt have money for his funeral, i paid for it. He told me to go to train in Holland.

No other trainer in my entire career taught me what i learned from Anil Dubar and Gerard Gordeau at Kamakura. I see that they make the same old mistakes in the gyms in România, wrong style. It is important to learn the right technique. Most importantant and the tactique in fight. I m not ashamed to tell the real truth. Anil Dubar formed me as a high level Sportsman.

***from 2001 to 2008, u worked as a (SPP) agent assigned to protect the Romanian President. 7 yrs can u tell us a little about this experience?

DG. I explain all, people, I was not just a bodyguard who became a fighter, like others. I dont have any criminal records. I worked at the high level to protect the presidents of Romania. The career at SPP is sure, you get a good pay and the people there are a great team! I was with the top, not just a fighter from the streets. I quit my career as a kickboxer. I still needed to learn all as a beginner. That’s why Anil told me to move to Holland. I did that, and never regret it. It was a great decision! I left my comfort zone for the unknown. I could get injured and risk the end of my career.
I still have contact with all my ex’ colleagues at SPP. They do hard work and are great guys. i'm not alloud to speak, its confidential,even I do not work there anymore!

****how difficult was it for u, as an Romanian to break out of the local events to compete at big events like K-1, (2009-2010)? u won many Muay Thai titles, was it easy to switch to kickboxing K-1 rules?

DG. Was very difficult. I was training with Anil Dubar hard to go up. I started to like it. I realized that with the right technique and tactique I started to fight more easy. People told me that i only used low kicks. So i started to train boxing and my left hand got very famous.

interview by Shortcut Fight News/ Alise Telimi