with owner/coach/trainer Nick Hemmers about Marat Grigorian title fight VS Sittichai, Isis Verbeek - semi finals, Harut Grigorian and Jamal Ben Saddik VS Ismael Londt at Glory 36/Collision on Dec. 10 in Oberhausen, Germany, About the controversial Enfusion jury decision of Filip Verlinden VS Ibrahim El Boustati and the Enfusion title. Next year Filip Verlinden VS Ibrahim Elbouni. the loss of Marc De Bonte, RIP, who trained at Hemmers Gym for 3 years. One minute gym silence out of respect! about Errol Zimmerman's come back in Germany at MixFight Gala on Dec. 3rd, this fight is dediciated to Marc De Bonte, RIP About Karapet Karapetyan, Hicham Achali also comes to Hemmers Gym for sparring. Nuah Chahboune wins in 3 sec. on K.O. at A1WCC 8 man tournament in Germany, continues in a few months. Samir Boukhi won on K.O. first round at RF Jhonata Diniz won his last 5 fights on K.O. at Glory 37 in L.A. Jan. 20, 2017 and much more!!!!