with Glory fighter Errol 'The Bonecrusher' Zimmerman training for his come back@ at Mix Fight Gala in Germany on Dec. 3th, 2016 Now 30 yrs old. He started at age 12, from a streetfight to the gym. Been training with Golden Glory Gym for 15 years, the now a days Hemmers Gym. His past at K-1 and Showtime, wants his rematch VS Badr, Ghita, and Rico. How he almost replaced Gökhan Saki who fought Alistair Overeem with a broken hand, His thoughts about Rico and his belts, the t.k.o., knee injury Is confident that Badr will win and come back for the title, Will fight anyone, anywhere, just call his trainer Nick (or Cor Hemmers) for contact. In talks with Kunlun, Talks about Marc De Bonte, RIP and dedicates his upcoming fight on Dec. 3 to him. wants to fights the whole year through ,kickbox, MMA or boxing. about Zack Mwkassa's development in kickbox will be more active in 2017, ready to make a come back and be back on top, born to make K.O.'s and much more................................... a shout out to his fans and Julien Marc.