Shortcut Fight News/ Alise Telimi at Simson Gym NL Almere, May 31, 2017 with owner/coach/trainer legendary multiple Muay Thai world champion Rayen Simson.

RAYEN SIMSON - interview (in English)

+ gym footage, training footage with Donovan Wisse and patser Gino van IJveren, + some footage of Rayen Simson and Ramon Dekkers (RIP) about the double K.D. about his new location, nearly a year, in Almere, Papiermolenweg 26 in Almere. Simson Gym in Surinam by his cousin Angelo Simson, upcoming talents Ryan and Donovan Wisse who is undefeated since he moved to Holland from Surinam, June 3rd. at Enfusion-live/Glorious Heroes in Groningen. The famous double K.D. vs legendary Ramon Dekkers (RIP), why did Ramon get the count and Rayen didnt and why did Rayen take off his shorts after the win? Favorite fighters are Ivan Hippolyte, Ramon Dekkers, Rob Kaman & Ernesto Hoost. Why he cant ever make a come back, if he could, he (might) would. His son Joy who has talent and some experience with kickboxing but choose for a music career. About Peter Aerts's farewell fight. Rayen has about 8 world titles, 4 Dutch titles in and 1 European title in Muay Thai/kickboxing. Simson Gym has besides established fighters a lot of new upcoming talents coming up, Stay tuned................. With Jegis Yegoian, Donovan Wisse, Sarah Debaieb, Henriques Zowa, Rudsel Zinhagel, Abbygail Deekman, Romano Duin, Gino Van IJveren, Contact: SIMSON GYM Papiermolenweg 26 1333 DG Almere Nederland Tel. : + 31 (0) 6 15291334