Ismael 'Mr. Pain' Londt talks with Shortcut, Alise Telimi about his come back!

at Team Furious Training Centre, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, March 6, 2015

Interview, footage and edit by Alise Telimi / $hortcut

Open & honest interview with Londt about his 1.5 year absence from the ring, his come back! About Benjamin Adegbuyi, Badr Hari's target list, His issues with SK, upcoming fights, March 21 at A1WC in Tivlisi, Georgie, April 19 at United Events (Slamm/Sportmani & Combat Company), in Almere, Holland, May 16 in Einhoven, Holland and Istanbul. He talks about where he stands now with Promotors and trainers, his junior team contest fighters and the reason he's not in Glory, yet!