Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi sponsored by La Familia Tattoos, Amsterdam & at The Warriors - part 4 in Norg, NL, Oct. 8, 2016

MIKE'S GYM - Anissa Haddaoui, Chico Kwasi,

Warming up and fight footage Anissa Haddaoui with Joeri Mes

Catching up with : Michael Babb - Free lance top trainer

Mellony Geugjes about upcoming title fight VS Iman Barlow "Pretty Killer" at Glorious Heroes presents Enfusion-tv , her MMA fights and upcoming kickbox fight at Krush.

Fabio Kwasi ready for his fight VS Loren Javier (he won) and upcoming fight at K1.

Massaro Glunder going strong in China and Japan, always in training and ready to go@

Personal trainer 'Trained by Melayno' Melayno Gaddum

Ser Sporkslede not satifsfied with decision at Warriors 4, and opening his new gym Ser's gym in Hoorn, on Oct. 29, and upcoming fight in Surinam, and at SLAMM!! Events on Nov. 29

with Warriros title winner Chico Kwasi and world titel Muay Thai Anissa Haddaoui

Mohammed Amine wins first A-class fight@

MIKE'S GYM - - 2016 -- THE WARRIORS - 4 - social media reality@

backstage, interviews, fight scenes, seconds out, dressing room sparring,

, Mike Passenier, Sergiy Adamchuk, Anissa Haddaoui, Chico Kwasi, Massaro Glunder, Melayno Gaddum, Nico Kruidenier, Joeri Mes, Mohamed Amine, Mellony Geugjes, Fabio Kwasi, Ser Sporkslede, 'kleine Willem de beuker'