Who's the real best heavy weight kickboxer??

10. aug, 2015

Super Fights: Rico Verhoeven vs Andrei Herasimchuk - Andrei Herasimchuk Wins by Decision

Andrei Herasimchuk defeated Rico Verhoeven in a single main event fight (outside GLORY Sports International) at KunLun Fight jan. 2015

Hesdy Gerges defeated Andrei Herasimchuk, through tournaments, in Kunlun, June 2015

Jahfarr Wilnis defeated Hesdy Gerges , trough the same tournaments in Kunlun Fight finale! June 2015

Jahfarr Wilnis was the better man VS Londt at Glory and got robbed twice, for obvious reasons Glory is keeping Jahfarr away from Rico,

Also Jahfarr took the Enfusion belt, so to me Jahfarr Wilnis is the best heavy weight with K.O. power