25. apr, 2021

'Legends of K-1' postponed till September! Brice Guidon explains, read below@

Brice Guidon: 'hello to all,

Unfortunately the legends of K1 evening of May 8 is pushed back to September.

Understandable given the current restrictions, I can't imagine this evening without a full sports palace to crack to enjoy in
front of the legends that will be present, and the humble

Samurai who will face them 🙂

It's going to give even more time to prepare and arrive sharp as ever, at the height of the champion I face! I've been ready for 15 years anyway 🤣, approximate date of the picture... lol
It's the trainer Hadi Amir who will suffer longer than expected! 🤣
I'm even going to have time to go for a walk to the Mejiro Gym Amsterdam put the gloves on with the champions under Coach Andre Mannaart's eyes! And of course fine tuning the prep with my students at Samurai Boxing Camp.

Can't wait to find the ring again, share the locker room with war brother Jerome Philippe le Banner and make you vibe!

Thanks to Kader Marouf for this crazy evening ahead, that we'll do ′′ whatever it takes "! haha
O S U !