26. feb, 2021

Ilias Ennahachi (SB Gym) still ONE FC Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion. Rematch in the make@

Ilias Ennahachi (SB Gym) still ONE FC Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion. (def. Superlek)

trainer Said El Badaoui (SB Gym): ''it was not an easy fight but Alhamdulilah still. up to the next! — with Ilias Ennahachi.

Ilias Ennahachi: 'Tonight I finally made my return to the ring, after a lay off of 1 year and 4 months. First off, I want to thank Allah🤲🏼, my team and my family for their support and patience.
It wasn’t my best fight.

The last few months were very challenging. Finding the right ways to train wasn’t easy due to covid, but I am grateful for retaining my belt. I am still the champion hamdolilah and I will work even harder to improve myself and put on a more exciting show the next time.

Hopefully I can stay active this time around. Thanks for your support. See you guys soon!🇲🇦🥇ONE Championship''

Chatri Sityodtong: 'Let me begin by saying that I was disappointed by the judging of the main event. Without a doubt, ONE Championship works with some of the world's best and most experienced judges, referees, and officials. I deeply respect their professional judgement, and I fully appreciate their excellence. However, I do not think that a fighter who runs away with minimal output deserves to win. In my opinion, Superlek clearly won the fight. I thought that Ennahachi started strong and won the first 2 rounds, but Superlek took over the fight in rounds 3-5. In the final round, it was clear that Ennahachi did not want to be in the fight anymore. I believe that an automatic rematch is the only fair and correct outcome here'