16. feb, 2021

Budokai Vleesenbeek has become an official member of the WKB (World Kyokushin Budokai)

Budokai Vleesenbeek (Dordrecht, Netherlands) has become an official member of the WKB (World Kyokushin Budokai)

Jan Vleesenbeek: ''With great joy in my heart I would like to announce that Budokai Vleesenbeek has become an official member the WKB(World Kyokushin Budokai) since January 2021, which is led by Kancho Ruiz and his right hand Shihan Daniel Sanchez. These two wonderful karatekas who pursue the authentic Kyokushin karate with a progressive look towards Budo. I met Shihan Daniel Sanchez 2,5 years ago in Zeeland and we hit it off straight away. Then I met Kancho Pedro Ruiz at a seminar hosted by Sensei Dennis Wor, where Shihan Scharrenberg and van Emmen took part. This meeting feel right from the start as well as our talks after the seminar. Kancho Ruiz and Shihan Sanchez are people with hearts at the right place. Transparent, honest and sincere. And seeing as I am a people person, it was clear that I felt drawn to them. Also in their way of teaching and this turned out to be mutual.

In February 2019 my own karate teacher Shihan Hollander passed away. This felt to me like I was in a black space. An authority had passed away. Everyone at the NKKO and KWF felt this too. Add some discontent to this, which had been there for quite some time amongst a number of important instructors of Budokai Vleesenbeek.. and this resulted into a meeting with our board and all of the black belts to see if we could realise a transfer. All but one agrees and thus it was decided in a democratic agreement.

The WKB in The Netherlands is represented by WKB Holland with country representative Dennis Wor. I have been asked to contribute as an international advisor and (dan-degree) examinator of the exam committee in The Netherlands. The latter is a task I have passionately done for 36 years at the NKKO. Sensei Ger Hoogeveen has been asked to be the head national coach of the Dutch selection team. Senpei Ecem Yukel has been asked to be the kataselecetion and katagroup coach. Once every 6 weeks there will be a central training from the WKB Holland.

Let’s hope that matters around COVID-19 will take a positive turn. Last but not least, I would like to thank many people at the NKKO/KWF for the wonderful years-long collaboration. Also Shihan Kern and Sensei Roka from KWF Hungary should not be forgotten. I have experienced many wonderful summer camps with them. A warm Budogreeting and a Big Osu to all! Shihan Jan Vleesenbeek 7th dan.''