6. feb, 2021

Cătălin Moroșanu wants Errol Zimmerman for his long-awaited retirement fight.

Sensational gala announced in Romania »Cătălin Moroșanu will retire with the long-awaited fight + Benny Adegbuyi and the Stoica brothers, resounding matches

GSP Article - Published Monday, January 04, 2021 6:00 PM / Updated Monday, January 04, 2021 6:24 PM

The year 2021 will be a special one for kickboxing in Romania. Benny Adegbuyi (35 years old) and Cătălin Moroșanu (36 years old) will fight in a spectacular gala.

The "Dynamite Fighting Show" promotion is preparing one of the most important galas ever organized in Romania. Benny Adegbuyi's first match, after the victory with Badr Hari, will be at home. Brothers Bogdan and Andrei Stoica will also participate in the event, whileCătălin Moroșanu will put his gloves on.

Cătălin Moroșanu, the last match of his career
In an appearance on GSP Live, Cătălin Moroșanu revealed that he wants to fight again with the Dutchman Errol Zimmerman (34 years old). In 2010, the Romanian athlete was knocked out, after only 26 seconds of fighting. According to Spotmedia , Zimmerman will be Moroșanu's opponent in 2021.

source: https://www.gsp.ro/sporturi/altele/benny-adegbuyi-si-catalin-morosanu-lupta-intr-o-gala-de-senzatie-in-romania-620047.html