25. aug, 2020

ENFUSION hw champion LEVI RIGTERS joins GLORY kickboxing with EDWIN VAN OS as manager.

ENFUSION hw champion LEVI RIGTERS joins GLORY kickboxing. Edwin Van Os manages Levi (EFO management), and if anything, Levi can always come back to Enfusion.
There's a lot of movement everywhere, Glory welcomes Enfusion heavy weight champion LEVI RIGTERS.

now that HESDY GERGES has joined ENFUSION, a big chance that he will take the hw title.

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After 10 years of hard work, together with my trainer Jamal Karouche, we now reached the highest level of kickboxing. With Edwin van Os(EVO Management) as my new manager, my team and i have set new goals, to reach the number one spot and one day get that belt strapt around my waist!