18. jun, 2020

ALEX PEREIRA calls out SAULO CAVALARI for a 5 round sparring session in Saó Paulo.

ALEX PEREIRA reacts to SAULO CAVALARI and calls him out for a 5 round sparring session in his hometown Sao Pauló, Brasil.

When Alex Pereira was asked by Niles Borges on Instagram who he wants to face next, he answered with Adeseanya,

wich former Glory lhw champ and fellow Brasilian Saulo Cavalari replied that its a long shot and that Pereira hasnt had really good opponents yet,

Pereira immediately fired back with calling Cavalari crazy and told him that he has to be active to be known in this new generation and that he's sure that Cavalari can't beat the guys that are in front of Alex today and invites Cavalari to his hometown Sáo Paulo to do a 5 rounds of sparring session and even offered to pay for his flight and hotel.

Cavalari replied with: 'the people that told you that im crazy were right, im not coming to Sao Paulo, if i come ide beat you up and i dont need your flight and hotel and ended with CAVALARI IS HERE!!l

will be continued...............