24. mei, 2020

ENFUSION press release 2: Enfusion events with Corona measures.

Enfusion press release 2 * Enfusion events with Corona measures.

Dear martial arts enthusiasts,

Last week we already received many positive reactions to our plan to organize television events as well. Of course we want to work very carefully and this includes a well thought-out plan.

The plan is based on a maximum of 100 people in total in the room. A distance of 1.5 meters will be maintained for those present. The only exception is of course those present in the ring / cage.

Protocols Enfusion / ECE events in the Corona period:

The maximum 100 attendees policy:

With regard to the events in September and October, we strive to admit a maximum of 100 people to our events. These 100 persons are composed as follows:

Production employees: 11 people. Some of them may also be outside in the television car.

Association members / MC and doctors: 8 persons
Internal guards: 2
Floor management: 2
Diverse staff: 2
Supervisors V.A .: 2
Hall supervisor: 1
Ladies ring: 3
Fighters, escorts: 20
VIP guests: 45
Unforeseen persons: 4

Total: 100 people at the same time.

Arrangement of the room:

Outside the ring, the 1.5 meter measure can be easily maintained. Around the ring will be elongated tables on all four sides of the ring where judges, referees, MC, doctors and commentators, with appropriate distance from each other, can view the parties. An extra route to the ring will be set up for MC and a possible doctor to use. This will ensure that these people can use the 1.5 meter measure compared to the people in the corner. There will be a total of 12 people around the ring / cage. Here we do not foresee any problems as these people will be spread over 24 running meters which is the ring. A concrete floor plan regarding the position of the people around the ring / cage will follow later. Mouth masks for referees and judges are optional, as are other personnel.

The fighters and escorts:

A strict timetable will be applied at each event, which will be laid down in a scenario. A fighter is only allowed to bring 2 caretakers to our events instead of 3. The fighter and the 2 escorts are allowed to enter the building one hour before the scheduled time of the fight. Only 1 escort is allowed to go to the dressing room. The second attendant may only go to the corner and will therefore not enter the dressing room. The dressing rooms are 18 square meters and a maximum of 4 people can be in the dressing room at the same time. The floor manager indicates who can go to the dressing room when. A separate waiting area will be created in the hall by means of chairs with a meter and a half space between them. This is a separate room on another floor with a view of the ring. After the fight and showering, the fighter and his team are asked to leave the building immediately. This way we can guarantee the maximum number of attendees of 100 people. Weighing takes place one day before the event in the sports hall, so that we still have plenty of room for weighing and a doctor's check with an individual timetable. The new measures will also be explained in more detail here. Also, the fighters will be called in the week before the event with routine questions related to the Corona virus. The doctors will test the fighters on Corona during the weigh-in according to their own protocol.

In addition to the arrangement of the cage, ring and the complete set-up of the event, there will be enough space for the 100 people to keep an appropriate distance from each other. To compensate the professional fighters somewhat, we set up 15 tables around the ring. This creates some ambiance for the production and contributes to a kind of studio setup. A larger diameter table will be used than usual so that the people sitting together can maintain the 1.5 meter measure. A table only allows 3 people. The distance between the tables will be at least 2 meters. There will be no service at the tables, but side tables will be placed where the food and drinks can be placed. Disposable gloves and disinfectants will be present on the tables. The tables are sold by the fighters. The fighter will have to indicate the 3 names of the visitors. The number of tables may increase if justified and permitted by law. This is only possible when events allow more than 100 people. Tables are currently the best alternative to guarantee 1.50 meters. Single ticket sales seem impracticable under the current circumstances. The supporters and the audience are given the opportunity to view the event via the live stream. If possible, a one-way route will be created in places where crowds could arise, such as toilets. The toilets will be cleaned continuously, as well as door knobs and other frequently touched areas.

The ring ladies:

The ring ladies will not enter the ring and cage, but will only be seen on the catwalk. That way, no one gets unnecessarily close. They will also guide the fighters to the ring at an appropriate distance.

Room ventilation:

As a last and most important point, we want to take measures regarding the ventilation of the hall. Mobile extractors will be placed to constantly refresh the air in the room. An outdoor climate will be created, as it were. The emergency doors will be open, but incoming light will be dimmed for production. Extractors will continuously blow the air out at more points, so that possible aerosols (micro drops) are constantly discharged.

The disadvantage of this is the low temperature that can flow in from the outside. However, the cold will still be limited in September and October. You can also prepare for this in terms of clothing.

We set up this project in close collaboration with the Dutch martial arts authority to keep the sport alive. You can imagine that in the absence of competition, the industry will get a huge bite. Together we want to take the risk of not losing an entire generation of athletes in this sport in which Enfusion plays a leading role.

Team Enfusion