13. apr, 2020

MURTHEL GROENHART reacts to ARTUR KYSHENKO: 'Get in line' #takeyourbelt2times

Yesterday in a live question on Instagram Artur Kyshenko answered fans questions, he told Andy Souwer & Gago Drago that he is in talks with Glory for the welterweight championship against Cedric Doumbe,

wich is a bit strange knowing that Cedric Doumbed is scheduled to fight Murther Groenhart for the the title, (event got postponed due to the Corona virus) so if anything if Glory want to bring in former Glory topranker Kyshenko, he has to wait for the title fight between Groenhart vs Doumbe,

therefor Murthel reacted with: 'Everyone wants to fight the champ to knock him of his thrown, but what if he's not the champ anymore?!

''First Kyshenko wanted to fight a rematch vs Alex Pereira but then he probably saw what Pereira is capable of and changed his mind and stepped back to welterweight, Kyshenko hasnt really been active lately''.

''Doumbe has trained and sparred with Kyshenko when he was preparing for his fight against me''

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