11. mrt, 2020

FCE promotor VARTÁN HACEATREAN presents FCE II in Lisbon, Portugal on April 25@

The 41 years old FCE promotor Vartán Haceatrean left his country Armenia when he was 5 years, first he lived in Moldova and finished his studies at a Russian school and in 2000 he came to Portugal.

SFN: What is your sport or fightsport background?

VH: I was 8 years when i started with boxing untill 18 years. I stopped when i came to Portugal due to health problems for about 15 years, after that i strarted with Muay Thai untill now.

SFN: Your first event FCE 1 was last year, how and why did you decide to organise an event?

VH: I have always been organising and i always dreamed of having my own event but i didn't have oppportunities but last year on June 8th i made my dream come true with my first event. FCE 1.

SFN: Please tell us about the first event? what kind of dicplines do you have in the event? kickboxing, k-1 rules, Muay Thai, mma?

VH: FCE is the only fight promotion in Portugal and at first i thought about K-1, Muay Thai and mma, but i dont wanna mix up mma with the stand up. We will concentrate on the stand up diciplines in the ring. We havent done mma yet but we;re working on it, and it will happend.

SFN: Your upcoming event is on April 25 in Lisbon, Portugal, tell us about this event, you have local fighters, and fighters from other countries like Holland and Armenia?

VH: Yes, on April 25 we have FCE2 it will be bigger and stronger then the first event, with fighters from 7 different countries. Portugal, Armenia,Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Russia , Moldova and Ukraine. We'll have a WKL 5 rounds title fight for the 67 kg, Razmik Ghulinyan has to defend his title against Mika Tahitu from the famous Mike;s gym in Holland, + a 4 man tournament in the 71kg division, fighters from 4 different countries, the winner takes € 5000 prize money and the FCE title belt.

SFN: What is your goal with FCE?

VH: We have big plans, i want FCE to be known worldwide, i know i have a long and difficult road in head of me, but we will make our goal happend.

SFN: When is the next event?

VH: thats not clear yet, but a big chance that we will add MMA to our 3rd event.

SFN: Do you have any news or scoops for us? fightcard?

VH: we havent revealed the complete fightcard yet but follow our website https://fcefights.com/ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fcefights/?epa=SEARCH_BOX and Instagram for news soon.

SFN: Where we buy tickets and how can we watch on live stream?

VH: tickets can be bought online on our website and in every commerical centrum shops in Portugal, also we will have a free live stream on Facebook and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvna2PSp7RhuM463xy-co3w?view_as=subscriber

It will be the first time that a big international event takes place at the famous Joao Rocha sport center in Lisbon.

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