3. mrt, 2020

VOS GYM 'House of Legends' moving to a new location after sharing the same roof with MIKE's GYM.

The world famous VOS GYM 'House of Legends, the house of legend Ivan 'Hydro' Hippolyte, the house of champions like Ernesto Hoost, Lucia Rijker, Remy Bonjaski, Cro Cop and many other big legends.

After Ivan Hippolyte and Francois Lubbers went their own ways Vos gym moved from their old location to share roof with Mike's gym.

Vos gym will now move to a new location in april 2020.
Address: Van Slingelandstraat 33a, Amsterdam.

I hope that Francois will rejoin Vos gym,

IVAN on FB: Ivan Hippolyte is with Michael Passenier.

After one year based in Mikesgym I,m blessed to announced that I will open my own gym again april 2020. I like to take the oppertunity to thank big Mike for his great hospitality and greatfull treatment of me and my team in his gym. We will never forget who were there in time of need. One or the other way coöperation will always stay. ๐Ÿ™


Kom meedoen op zondag 5 april tijdens de Vos Gym Reunie Workout onder leiding van Ivan Hippolyte!Toegankelijk voor ieder niveau.

Aanmelden via 06 570 718 44 (WhatsApp)