1. mrt, 2020

IS THAI CHAMPION PETCH INVINCIBLE? Petchpanomrung remains the featherweight champion.

GLORY World Featherweight Champion laughs and smiles
his way through title challenge from world-class contender.

The GLORY World Featherweight Championship remains with Thai standout Petchpanomrung (164-36-3, 27 KO’s) following a successful defense against former champion Serhiy Adamchuk (40-12, 15 KO’s) in the GLORY 75 UTRECHT main event.

Despite Adamchuk’s wide skill-set and palpable determination to regain the belt, Petchpanomrung had an untroubled air for most of the five-round fight, at times even laughing or smiling broadly when Adamchuk managed to land something of note, as if to congratulate him.

A game gave it his all and had clearly worked hard on his tactics for this third meeting between them, but Petchpanomrung was on career-best form and landed with machine-like precision throughout the fight, winning a clear-cut decision at the end.