9. feb, 2020

Nick Hemmers: 'Grigorian vs Bates GL75/Groenhart vs Doumbé GL76 & Hemmers gym world champions@'

Watch interview on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdJQ8o28z1E

Shortcut Fightnews, Alise Telimi at Hemmers Gym, Breda, Febr. 7, 2020 interview with NICK HEMMERS predictions about HARUT Grigorian Harut's upcoming fight vs Jamie Bates at GLORY Kickboxing 75 in Utrecht, NL on Febr. 29.

Nick talks about Jamie Bates, Doumbé & Kevin 'Fightpirate' Pinas funny mêmes on Instagram.

Nick's prediction about GLORY welterweight titlefight Murthel Groenhart Mike's Gym VS CEDRIC DOUMBÉ at #GLORY76 in Antwerp, Belgium on March 28,

and 35 years Hemmers gym worldchampions with Nick Hemmers for 9 years & Hemmers Gym Brasil for 6 years of titles and belts accomplishments.