13. jan, 2020

Mellony Geugjes, Anissa Haddaoui & Mike's tip to add a GLORY 62 kg women division.

Watch interview on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-99bab3nN70

Shortcut fightnews , Alise Telimi with Mike Passenier at Mike's gym on Jan. 09, 2020 in Oostzaan, NL

Why Glory hasnt moved former K-1 Krush champion and K-1 GP fighter Mellony Geugjes to the GLORY super bantamweight division yet, 55.3 kg.

WFL champ champ and KUNLUN, Mu Lang champion Anissa Haddoui will participate on 'BOXING INFLUENCERS III, the gold edition'

and about the idea to move her to GLORY if they add another women division, Mike's advice to add an 62 kg division where Anissa would do very well.