23. dec, 2019

BADR & RICO straighten out the level of the HW division! Rico vs Jamal next but who's next for Badr?

Badr Hari & Rico Verhoeven have set the 'heavy weight division' record of level straighten out at Collision II.

Can anyone k.d. Rico, twice? or can anyone take 2 k.d.'s from Badr and still get up and come back strong?

a wake up call to the international heavy weight divisions! Start training harder for those who wanna keep up with Badr or Rico@

Like Rico said:'If you wanna fight with the top then you have to come to the top first, if not, get in line, lol'

Badr torn his ankle ligament and could be up and going in one month. Jamal Ben Saddik who won the 8 man tournament will Rico for the title next most probably. Jamal hasnt resigned with Glory yet, because a titlefight was given to Badr first.

Who's next for Badr? If he was the only one in Rico's Glory career that knocked him down then what do think he will do with the rest of the division?

Mike Passenier said that Badr will fight in September, but we hope that we can see Badr sooner then that,

Who do u want next for Badr?

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