16. dec, 2019

Razmik Ghulinyan's YEREVAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS # 5 with 130 participants.

Promotor Razmik Ghulinyan's Yerevan Open Championships # 5 with 130 participants. Youth, kickboxing & mma, 5 - 18 years and 1 bout with 18+.

Medals and certificates were earned.

Razmik said that the next event will have 300-600 participants.

Since Razmik is the only one to organise big open events regularly the whole year through. All sportsmen want to join his events to stay ring active all year long.

Big plans for next year with pro events,

one step at the time,

On this pic: : "Levon Tonoyan is with Valodik Sargsyan (Վալոդիկ Սարգսյան at Ashxatanqi Zal)

Congratulations on your victory. My little beast''

Поздравляю тебя с победой мой маленький зверь Վալոդիկ Սարգսյան 🦁😘

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