5. dec, 2019

LUCIA 'Lady Tyson' RIJKER inducted into the international BOXING HALL OF FAME!

Dutch/Surinam former boxer (Muay Thai/kickboxer) Lucia Rijker is one of the first women to be admitted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

She will be admitted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF). The organization announced this on Wednesday. The American Christy Martin and the British Barbara Buttrick also get a place in the so-called class of 2020. It is the first year that women are included in the honors list.

Lucia "The Dutch Destroyer" Rijker was unbeaten for years in kickboxing and ordinary boxing. She won all the professional competitions in which she competed. She eventually fought 54 games, of which she won 39 with a knockout. Her last fight took place in 2004. After this she played in a number of films and documentaries and currently works as a trainer, coach and speaker.

Among the men, Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley (both from the US) and Mexican Juan Manuel Márquez are admitted to the hall of fame. All three have multiple world titles to their name, Hopkins is one of the most successful boxers of recent decades. Some journalists and promoters of boxing are also included in the honors list.

The elect will be officially honored during a special ceremony at the IBHOF building in Canastota, New York on the weekend of 11 to 14 June. During this ceremony, photos of the nominees will be given a place in the gallery of honor. A plaster print is also made of their fists.

Source: NRC nieuws