3. dec, 2019

SAULO CAVALARI, former GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion, back in the ring next year!

The Brasilian former Glory light heavyweight champion preparing for his come back, back in the ring at Glory next year@

My last fight for Glory was in 2017 since I didn't fight anymore because I broke my hand in the month of July 2018 where I was preparing for Glory China, and it took me a while to recover and get 100%.

Then when I returned I had another injury that I had to treat called Pulbagia!

It took a long time for me to recover and be discharged from my Physiotherapist Dr. Faruk who rehabilitated me and brought me back to the competition!

Now I am still doing my training and by 2020 I will return to the highest point of my career and I will be super prepared for the competitions, today I have focused on my treatment with Physiotherapy and also I have been closer to my son who was born a little Dom Cavalari !

For 2020 I promise to come back. I can't wait to be in the ring again.

Shortcut fightnews, Alise Telimi