21. okt, 2019

RAZMIK GHULINYAN closes 2 day's open event with 300 participants successful!

Razmik 'El Caballero' Ghulinyan, closes 2 day's open event with 300 participants successful in Yerevan, Armenia.

Razmik better known as the Mix fight Spain/Armenia fighter, who pulled out his team from the Mix fight events because the promotor Vardan Mnatsakanyan didnt keep his word and owes him money.

Therefor Raz organized an open event with 300 participants from all over Armenia and some fighters from Georgia.

The event was split over 2 days, with 4 diciplines, kickboxing K-1 rules, boxing, mma and Muay Thai with youth fighters from 8 years to 18 years, B and A class fighters.

this time around there were no belt or titles given. This was a try out, to set the level of the fighters so the the right ones can be matched for a title fight at the next event.

Raz has managed to represent the WKL and the WBA title belts.

Razmik who started the official K-1 federation (with Vardan Mnatsakanyan who told him that he got permission for this) has changed the name to GHULINYAN FIGHT CLUB.

Razmik is young and will try with help from some of us in Europe to change and update the fightrules and to make divisions in classifications,

for now in Armenia its either youth, amateur or pro.

Raz also started his education of sports management at the Institute in Yerevan so he can book fighters from Armenia to fight abroad.

Raz says that he has been a victim of corruption in the fightsport in Armenia, used by promotors, fought for free, and Raz wants to change that. He started Ghulinyan sports management.

Raz has his own team with 200 athletes, boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and mma.

Shortcut fightnews, Alise Telimi