6. okt, 2019

MONTANA AERTS robbed at ENFUSION, team Aerts angry at NKF/Joop Ubeda@

TEAM AERTS very disapointed with the jury decision.

last night at ENFUSION/Fightexplosion in Dordrecht

Mr. K-1 PETER AERTS daughter MONTANA ''lady lumberjack' AERTS, fought her last C-class bout vs Tessa De Kom from Vlaardingen who was the 'homefighter'.

The first round went back & forwards, but the 2nd & 3rd round Montana was more convincing. But the jury NKF jury (Joop Ubeda) choose Tessa as a winner, who was suprised herself that she got the win. Backstage Montana got approached by other fightes telling her that she should have got the win.

Montana;s dad, and mother Esther are very angry because this is not the first time that this happends, 'it seems that the results were fixed prior to the match'

Team Aerts says: We dont wanna seem like we cant take a loss but its not the first time.

Montana, who just turned 18, is happy to move to B-class and cant wait to go to pro A-class, and told her mom to let it go!

Eshter said: i dont wanna stress too much over a C-class bout but as a parent we feel sorry for our kid, and especially because this happends a lot in kickboxing, wrong decisions and results all the time, it seems like nothing has changed in kickboxing@ ''Some one please educate these people about kickboxing''

Montana Aerts on FB:
''Vandaag gevochten op het Enfusion gala in Dordrecht. Helaas deze partij onterecht verloren op punten, het is jammer dat het zo gaat in de jury sport maar dit zorgt er alleen maar voor om nog harder te trainen voor m’n volgende partij. Ik wil al mijn trainers bedanken, papa & mama en lulu die vandaag ook mee is geweest ❤️''

Shortcut Fightnews, Alise Telimi