27. sep, 2019

GERARD GORDEAU: 'Many champions developed at KAMAKURA, im proud that i contributed to that!

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GERARD GORDEAU is a mixed martial artist, worldchampion in 7 diciplines: savateur, karateka, kickboxing, Seidokan karate. He is an UFC & K-1 pioneer, and the list goes on & on.

He is the 1991 World Champion Savate and holder of the Dutch Champion Kyokushin Karate title for 8 consecutive years,

foremost known internationally for his fight in the first televised Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC 1 where he defeated the 400 pound sumo wrestler Teila Tuli in 1993.

The controversy around ur UFC debut and The Roman salute. In an unrelated matter, Gordeau's debut caused a minor controversy because he appeared to do a Roman salute before the match, gaining him accusations of being a neo-nazi, but it was explained that he was actually doing the traditional savate salute. Gordeau has, in fact, a Jewish ethnic background by his father having been a Jewish man from France. His Grandfather was shot at German Prisoncamp Amersfoort, because he was in the Dutch resistance.

About Rob Kaman en Peter Smit, Seidokan and K-1, Kazuyoshi Ishii

In 1994, Gordeau was cornerman for UFC 2 participants Remco Pardoel and Freek Hamaker.

his opinion about the UFC today and our mma fighters from Holland,

About all the new rules, Gerard says to stop the bs, its not a circus, keep it original.

All fighters with big names have or still train here, they come here for development, and Gordeau is proud that he could be a part of this succes, names like, , Hoost, Overeem, Hipplyte, Verhoeven, Mousasi, Schrijber, Coenen, and the list goes on and on.

about Mourad Bouzidi, advice him to drop to his natural weightclass, middleweight,

Shortcut Fightnews, Alise Telimi at Kamkura martial art center in The Hague, Holland, Sept. 26, 2019 with Misha Martirosyan.