23. sep, 2019

SANDU LUNGU made his entrance dedicated to the memory of his father, Alexandru Lungu senior.

SANDU LUNGU made his entrance, with family images dedicated to the memory of his father, (also a fighter) Alexandru Lungu senior, who died last year. RIP

The two Oradeans who fought on Sunday night at the gala Colosseum Tournament, held at the Antonio Alexe Arena, defeated their opponents. "Mountain of Bihor" Alexandru Lungu made KO the Dutchman named "Crazy Indian", who took full advantage of Sandu's crossings, while the little - but evil - Adrian Maxim beat "Artyom Grigoryan" on deck.

The star of the evening was, as usual, Sandu Lungu, who fought in the +95 kg category in the company of the Dutchman Jamai Satisch, nicknamed "Crazy Indian", but that proved to be just the name.

The 100-kg Dutchman was lying on the floor after just 1 minute and 10 seconds, with a devastating right cross, but he managed to get up and stand until the end of the half, although he continued to score strong hits.

As expected, extremely slow and cumbersome in movement, the Dutchman failed to finish the second half vertically, being sent to the floor several times to the floor by Sandu's "hammers", the last time 30 seconds before finally, when he stayed on the floor, where he needed medical attention.

Lungu dedicated his father's victory in the post-match speech, also thanking the family and the public of Oradea for their support.

The gala organized in Oradea also had some specific moments, as was the video that Sandu Lungu made his entrance, with family images dedicated to the memory of his father, Alexandru Lungu senior, who died last year, himself a fighter. . "Show must go on", was the song that accompanied the images, becoming practically the motto of the evening.

See below some sequences from Lungu's match. Source: DigiSport

Source: https://m.ebihoreanul.ro/stiri/ultima-or-31-2-20/gala-colosseum-de-la-oradea-sandu-lungu-l-a-culcat-de-mai-multe-ori-la-podea-pe-indianul-nebun-151655.html?fbclid=IwAR08CWrPoe7AJ1x86moWWGxyXmhfRrx7qjvMx-XDtsiiVQMSbdJVnEv1NSA

Jamai Satisch, "Crazy Indian" already said on social media, that he was honoured to fight the Romanian legend, and if a rematch was offered he would wanna take it on his own weight!

Shortcut Fightnews, Alise Telimi