23. sep, 2019

ARTYOM GRIGORYAN proudly represented Armenia in Romania at COLOSSEUM TOURNAMENT - 2019

Sunday night at the gala Colosseum Tournament, held at the Antonio Alexe Arena, Romania in the -65 kg category, the little - but evil - Adrian Maxim (who's born in Oradea, where the event was helt) beat "Artyom Grigoryan" on deck.

Adrian Maxim started the match with Artyom Grigoryan, applying some good kicks, both with his foot and with his fist.

In the second half, the Armenian balanced the confrontation, applying himself to the (Oradea) villager a kick to the head from the return.

Encouraged by public outcry, in the third round Maxim had the initiative, but did not decisively hit, but won the points clash, by the unanimous decision of the three referees.

Maxim was praised by Digi Sport commentators (Daniel Ghita) for his talent, but also criticized for being the protagonist of a criminal case on drug trafficking, a "shameful" catalog.

source: https://m.ebihoreanul.ro/stiri/ultima-or-31-2-20/gala-colosseum-de-la-oradea-sandu-lungu-l-a-culcat-de-mai-multe-ori-la-podea-pe-indianul-nebun-151655.html?fbclid=IwAR08CWrPoe7AJ1x86moWWGxyXmhfRrx7qjvMx-XDtsiiVQMSbdJVnEv1NSA

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