18. aug, 2019

D'ANGELO MARSHALL wants to 'straighten principles' with ADEGBUYI & BEN SADDIK!

GLORY HW # 3, D'ANGELO MARSHALL (Mousid Gym, Amsterdam) who defeated JAHFARR WILNIS at GLORY 67, wants to straighten principles with ADEGBUYI & BEN SADDIK before he gets a title shot!

To my question to D'Angelo who he wants next he said:

'Eventually i wanna face the champion but before that i want my revenche with JAMAL BEN SADDIK (lost in Glory 59) and BENJAMIN ADEGBUYI' (lost in Glory 50)

If he agrees with the fans comments on social media about the heavy weight division being dead, D'Angelo said:
'he agrees that the hw division has been slow for the last 6 months''

He will keep us posted on his next fight@

Shortcut Fight News, Alise Telimi