10. mei, 2019

HESDY GERGES wishes BADR HARI the best with his new GLORY KICKBOXING contract - 2019

HESDY GERGES wishes BADR HARI the best on his new GLORY contract - 2019

Former Glory heavy weight Hesdy Gerges, who has set his goals on Bellator MMA, regrets that he could never set score with Badr.

Hesdy posted on his Instagram, that the rematch would have set score between the two. Hesdy won at Showtime due to Badr's disqualification, wasnt satisfied with that result and wanted the rematch.

The rematch, in Badr's favour, got turned into a non-contest, because of Badr;s doping use.

Hesdy is not satisfied with non-contest, and wishes they could fight a third time to settle the score between them for once & for all.

Hesdy is signed to Bellator and Badr to Glory, so for now, there is no chance, there-for Hesdy wishes Badr the best on his Glory contract.

Shortcut Fight News / Alise Telimi