5. mei, 2019

GIANNIS STOFORIDIS wins ENFUSION tournament + 'fighter of the night' - 2019

Congrats Giannis Stoforidis from Greece (who trained with Nick Hemmers at Hemmers Gym in Breda, NL to prepare for this) wins 4 man heavy weight Enfusion tournament and secured himself a spot at Enfusion Abu Dhabi, Al Shiraa presented by Julie Kitchen, on December 6th. Next Enfusion tournament is on June 28 in Serbia, 2 wildcards left@

Enfusion #84 seen the first qualifying tournament round of the Enfusion Abu Dhabi December 6th heavyweight tournament.

Gioannis Stoforidis from Greece beat Andre Schming from Germany with a points decision during the semi final fight moving into the final, to face Houari Zeghad from France who beat Patrick Schmidt from Switzerland with a round 1 Ko in the semi final.

During the final it was the southpaw Greek fighter, Stoforidis turn to secure a victory with a round 1 devastating knockout, caused by a barrage of punches and a left hook landing clean on the chin to finish to the fight against Zeghad from France.

His performance not only secured his position in the heavyweight tournament during the prestigious show due to take place December 6th in Abu Dhabi but also the Enfusion fighter of the night cheque.

The next heavyweight tournament will take place in Serbia on Friday the 28th of June in Serbia.

2 further positions will be filled by wild cards still to be chosen

Source: Enfusion

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