4. mei, 2019

NAIR 'Lion' MELIKYAN becomes champion on K.O. in 10 sec. at 'Titan Global Championship' 2019

Հաղթանակ վայրկյանների ընթացքում

RESULTS Kickboxing: Nair Melikyan defeats his opponent Girogi Kabulashvili by K.O. in the first 10 sec. of the first round and is now Titan Global Championship champion. Nair originally Armenian lives in Georgia, and came out for the Armenian flag, coach Ashot Petrosyan. Nair practice MMA as well as Thai & kickboxing and is a true upcoming talent, undefeated by k.o.'s for a while now.

In February 2018, he won the championship belt in Armenia, where athletes from Armenia, Georgia and Iran were fighting for victory.

Nair Melikyan won World Cup Martial Arts Festival in Batumi in July 2017 (World Martial Arts Festival).

Nair Melikyan has been recognized as kickboxing champion in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 in different Georgia and international tournaments. (Source: JNEWS)

Unfortunately Hakob Ordanyan lost his fight.

Shortcut Fight News / Alise Telimi