2. mei, 2019

ABRAHAM GRIGORYAN (Ararat Fight Club) wins at Davit Kiria's 10th Kolkheti Kickboxing event - 2019

Abraham Grigoryan - Ararat Fight Club (Armenia) wins on points/dec. after dominating all 3 rounds, defeats Nika Papaskiri at KOLKHETI KICKBOXING.

Promotor (current Kunlun & former Glory champion) Davit Kiria's 10th event in (Zugdidi) his home-country Georgia. The event was live broadcasted on Youtube with English speaking commentator.

Unfortunately Roman Tornado Kalashyan lost on TKO , 2 k.d.'s in 3rd round, ref stopped the fight at Kolkheti Kickboxing, congrats Giorgi Khupenia (Team Davit Kiria) this was a rematch from 2017 where Roman lost on tko as well.

First round Roman wasnt doing enough, and fighting 'in his back', 2nd round he came back and dominating the 2nd round, in the 3rd round he got knocked down, continued but Khupenia finished it off with another k.d., Although Roman jumped up and wanted to continue the ref. stopped the fight because Roman wasnt standing stabile on his feet.

Unfortunately Gevorg Grigoryan Гевор Григорян lost on K.O. in the 1rst round (combo of knees to the head) by Otar Gogberashvili (team Davit Kiria) who the Kolkheti Kickboxing title/belt and became the Kolkheti champion.

with coach/trainer Aram Abramyan, Ararat Promotions Aram Abramyan, Armine Khachatryan, Armenian Muaythai Federation,

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