27. apr, 2019

Branko Cikatić can walk again after his life battle, is full of plans and a book coming up@

First K-1 champion Branko Cikatić can walk again after the life battle, and from his family home in Solin he says he is full of plans: '

Months ago the Croatian tiger was hospitalized for lung edema and where he "caught" a hospital bacterium that had caused sepsis.

His plan is to help his son Bruno (16), who has chosen to train boxing, would like to bring him to the title of the world champion. He has a tremendous blow, speed and strength, and it's built like Branko in the youth. There are great chances, but he will not risk his health.

Cikatic is full of plans: he is waiting for him to complete the book "My Life", others after "The Way to Success". He wants to open a martial art museum in the center of Split where he would hold lectures, just as he did in Japan.

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