Shortcut Fight News/Alise Telimi at Hemmers Gym, Breda, Netherlands, June 17, 2016

A sit down with Hemmers Gym owner/coach/trainer Nick Hemmers, , about his late brother multiple Muay Thai/kickbox world champion, legendary Ramon Dekkers, the Ramon Dekkers cup, and the Hemmers gym/Golden Glory;s legacy, about Glory 31 Zack Mwekassa VS Mourad Bouzidi. Isis Verbeek's debut, Marat Grigorian's title shot, about Harut Grigorian's upcoming tournament, and his thoughts about the Glory host Rico/Badr fight.

free lance trainer/coach Michael Babb, about Isis Verbeek preparation for her Glory debut on June 25.

Isis Verbeek about her debut at Glory 31 on June 25 and the cancellation of her fight VS Iman Barlow,

Filip Verlinden about his upcoming fight VS Israel Adesanya at WLF in China on July 3th, and Sept. 17 VS upcoming Ibrahim El Boustati at Enfusion in his home town Antwerp in Belgium, and about changing his fight style,

Tommie Dieckmann about his debut at Glory 31, his tattoo shop Dynamite tattoos in Breda.

Nouh Chahboune about his upoming fight at Glory 31 VS Raymon Bonte, the ramadan,

Marat Grigorian about his K1 Max belt defend, his time for a shot at the Glory title, is not brothers with Harut Grigorian and hopes he will not face his country mate Giorgio Petrosyan and about social media attention.

Harut Grigorian about his upcoming tournament at Glory 31, VS Yoann Kongola in the half finals, says he has no stress with Murthel Groenhart, it was never personal, and would like to meet him in the finals, says it would be a great fight.

Benjamin Masudi about his last controversial win in Turkey and upcoming fight at Enfusion, Antwerp, Sept. 17 VS Hicham El Gaoui.

Samir Klik Klik Boukhi about his upcoming fight at KOK - and the Ramadan

Tommie Dieckmann about his Glory 31 debut, and his tattoo lounge Dynamite Tattoos in Breda,

Stacey Kerriage, Priscilla Vergouwen, Alan Scheinson, Tyler Matsoukis, Chams Elinor.

Kevin Pinas, K-1 Rules,