Shortcut Fight News Alise Telimi (In English & Armenian language / Hayerenov)

President Aram Abramyan & (wife) general secretary Armine Khachatryan

Armenian Muaythai Federation Yerevan, Armenia, July 11th, 2016

Everything u need to know about Muay Thai in Armenia,

interview with Armine Khachatryan talks about their foundation, with her husband, head of the federation Aram Abramyan

about Muay Thai in Armenia, established fighters, like Edgar Melkonyan who won the world title WLF Heroes of Glory, recently in China and A-class fighters Aram Mirzoyan, Hakob Petoyan, Roman Qalashyan, Gurgen Hovhannisyan .

Asking sponsors all over the world to invest some in Armenian Muay Thai,

Has a message/invite for our Armenian Muay Thai hero Giorgio Petrosyan and the kings of seminars Gago Drago New and Ernesto Hoost

a request to promotors to invite fighters from Armenia, at Kunlun Fight Kunlun Fight

and to Enfusion-tv Edwin Van Os Betty Gerber regarding reality show in Yerevan.

+ In Armenian language, Hayerenov!

Shortcut Fight News car drive interview in Yerevan, Armenia with

Armenian Muaythai Federation President Aram Abramyan

Everything u need to know about Muay Thai in Armenia, - July 11, 2016